Sunday 21st November 2010

Now here’s an interesting question for you. Is Shadow trying to frame Megan? There are ongoing rivalries between the two girls. To be fair there are ongoing rivalries between me and Shadow too, but nothing I can’t handle. Shadow gets into trouble for having a go at Megan without having a reason. She can be like that. Anyway, the biggest offence that Megan can commit is to take Shadow’s chew. This is seen by Shadow as the justification for an attack on Megan. Yesterday, I sat and watched as Shadow took her own chew and went and placed it in the back of Megan’s crate, then walked away. Do you think she is trying to make out that Megan took it so that she can have a go at her later or even worse, get my Mistress to tell her off? I’ve grown very fond of Megan and I wasn’t about to sit around and let anything bad happen, so I went to tell my Mistress exactly what had occurred. Shadow was made to go and retrieve her chew and take it somewhere else. It wouldn’t be so bad but the chew was actually my birthday present but Shadow took it off me in the first place.

Both my Master and his suitcase are now safely back from their last trip. The suitcase came home before my Master as it didn’t actually get taken to the same destination as he did. That’s the second time that has happened recently. Both times have been when my Master was flying to Paris, however you can’t blame the guys in Paris as the suitcase never made it there. Last time I think it went to Amsterdam and this time I don’t think it even left the country. This air travel lark really can be very complicated.