Friday 19th November 2010

You should see the blackberry and apple jelly we’ve made. More to the point you should taste it. It really is very nice. It’s a good job it is as the cupboard is now full of it! My Mistress made a lovely purple mess making it. At this point I should perhaps say it was a good job we had the kitchen walls painted purple in the first place as at least the splatters blend in nicely! There won’t be much cooking for the next week. In fact there won’t be much of anything except my Mistress working. She has a competition entry that she needs to submit. It’s for a crime novel by an author who has not previously had a novel published. The novel has to be finished and you have to submit the whole thing. That’s where the problem arises. Her novel is ‘almost finished’. She hast to the final read of half the book and then do the edits of the bits she still isn’t happy with. It turns out there are four chapters in particular that she feels need quite a lot of rewrite. So for the next week, I have been tasked with taking care of the other tow, and supervising Shadow cooking the family meals. She got that job as she is less prone to eating everyone else’s food than either me or Megan. Megan has the cleaning to do and I’m managing the household, dealing with post and doing the stuff that is needed on the computer. Obviously we will find roles for both my Master and James, but they are away for some of the time so can’t be expected to contribute during those times. It’s good to be a dog with purpose.