Thursday 18th November 2010

I think that’s the last of our resident visitors until towards the end of January. That means we are just going to have to make the most of each other’s company and not expect there to be extra pairs of hands to stroke us. I think we do have some people coming to meet us a week on Sunday and I know we’ve all been told to be on our best behaviour. We’ll be going out for a walk with them, so I hope the weather isn’t too bad that day.

We need to buy a log splitter urgently. The logs we’ve got burn for much longer than we actually want a fire for and quite apart from that they don’t actually fit in the grate very well. It’s a bit like trying to put half a tree on the fire, which is not something I had ever tried before. My Mistress wasn’t that keen on going to bed and leaving the fire going downstairs, particularly seeing that our bedroom was right about the fire. I think she’s got an over active imagination, but then I’ve thought that before.

We’ve been trying to edit her second novel in time to get it sent off for a competition. You wouldn’t think that you could murder that many people in the space of 80,000 words. If you think about real life, you don’t often come across serial killers. Crime fiction really isn’t all that realistic really. Where are the books about petty theft and vandalism? Where are the books in which the baddy parks on double yellow lines? I said she should try writing some more everyday crime novels but she says that isn’t what people want to read. It just goes to show you exactly how strange people are. How many dogs do you know that spend their time reading crime novels?