Wednesday 17th November 2010

Happy birthday, grandpa. He’s 85 today and I am delighted to say that he is here with me and I can make a fuss of him. I’m also excited because some of my Mistress’s cousins from Australia are going to be with us for the day. That means lots of pairs of hands to stroke me, which is always a bonus.

It really feels like winter here now. Foggy, icy and definitely the sort of weather for a log fire. I really need to get my Master and Mistress into the habit of preparing log fires for me. I’d do it myself but I find it quite difficult, particularly when overwhelmed with the desire to chew the wood. I think we actually need to arrange a delivery of wood seeing as Shadow and Megan have already chewed quite a lot of what was in the store. We also need one of those log splitter things to get them down to a reasonable size. My Master advocates using an axe, but my Mistress doesn’t think any of the family would be particularly safe with such a lethal weapon. She even restricts the use of her new kitchen grater to those under her supervision. It is of course most likely that it will be her that grates her fingers.

The keyboard playing is advancing more rapidly than the learning of German. It helped when my Mistress realised that her stool was too close to the keyboard and that she could move her hands more freely if she sat a little further away. Sadly, sitting further away from the cd player has not improved her German. I think she needs to sit down and concentrate on the German rather than try to do it while doing other things.