Tuesday 16th November 2010

My Mistress took great delight in murdering a computer the other day. I should perhaps explain that it was a very old computer and hadn’t been in use for the last seven years. She was simply going to wipe the hard disk and leave it at that, but it all got a bit complicated when the mouse wouldn’t work. She had a frustrating time trying to work without it and then went for the more destructive approach of destroying the components inside the computer. She has never deliberately set out to kill a computer before and she really rather enjoyed it. I asked if she could possibly keep her hands away from my computer as I don’t want it to come to an untimely end. She did have a look on Ebay to see if anyone was selling the software from computers on that operating system and it seems the answer is occasionally yes but only for a penny plus postage. On that basis it didn’t seem worth doing all the listings. It was funny, she’d only kept the computer because she had a really good game. Then she set it up and it turns out that whilst it seemed like a really good game ten years ago, things have moved in and it was all rather tame now. She had planned to show it to the children but except as a museum piece there didn’t seem a lot of point.

You will be pleased to know that the planting has begun. There is still a lot to do, but at least we have made a start. The interesting thing is that it is also involving investigating whether all the things we have put into the green bin have turned into compost and in a brown sludgy sort of way it seems that they have. I’m quite keen to investigate the pile in some detail but my Mistress seems to think that is inappropriate behaviour and I should stay out of the pile of muck.