Monday 15th November 2010

It seems there isn’t a limit to the amount of stewed apple you can eat if you’re mouth is hurting and you can’t chew. However, tests have proved conclusively that if you take certain tablets on an empty stomach you can come over feeling very funny indeed. The latter experiment is not being repeated. As always the faithful dog was on paw to offer useful advice.

I am delighted to report that the weeding of the garden has been completed and we are now onto the bulb planting. There are a lot of bulbs to plant and my Mistress suspects that she may have difficulty finding locations for them all. I pointed out that she really does need to think about putting the mini greenhouses over the fuchsias as she has been talking about it for weeks and we are definitely getting frosts now. My Mistress stood with her hands on her hips and said if I’d like to lend a paw instead of standing by and offering smart advice then she would get rather more done. At that point I decided to find a quiet corner out of the way.

Learning the keyboard has taken a whole new turn. My Mistress has found one of the songs that my Master has to sing in the pantomime in one of her books. She should hear them, my Mistress playing it in a very slow halting fashion and my Master singing in a very out of tune manner to go with it. I don’t think they should start applying to any talent shows any time soon. I’m just hoping they both improve soon, otherwise I’m going to have to take up howling just to cover the noise. The girls go and sit elsewhere but I do feel obliged to try being supportive. However there is a limit to what even this dog can take!