Sunday 14th November 2010

As it turned out I had a lovely birthday. I didn’t just have teeth cleaning bars. I have a lovely new rug, a chew that is about a metre long and a pack of my favourite treats that I can have all to myself. Once my Mistress came back from the dentist we snuggled up together just the two of us and it was lovely. I talked to her about how I miss my family and how I’d been thinking about my brother and sister and wondering if they had had a lovely birthday too. I would like to see them all and my Mum. I wish we could do that soon.

Now that the wind has died down, my Mistress has been able to retrieve the various pieces of the water butt from around the garden. I think it would probably be stable if it were full of water, but the corner it is on is a bit exposed and it does look as though it might all disappear off again. It’s probably a good job we hadn’t attached it to the drainpipe yet, but then that’s another saga. Most connections are made from plastic downpipes and we did have some of those until we replaced then with metal ones when we had the building work done. On the plus side they would be easier to shin up if the need arose, but on the downside they are very difficult to connect to a water butt a fact that passed my Mistress by prior to the purchase of the water butt!

The Christmas cake has been marzipanned, which is very good news. Not because it is another job ticked off the list, but because it means there is at last spare marzipan in the house for me to eat and for those who have known me a long time, you will already know I would do anything for a small piece of marzipan. Happy days.