Saturday 13th November 2010

Teeth cleaning bars! That was my main birthday present. I know they are useful. I understand they are good for me, but I though birthdays were about utter frivolity and fun. I know eating is one of my main pastimes, but in that case buy me snacks. Maybe some steak or something I only get a nibble of usually, but teeth cleaning bars – what more can I say? I have had a lot of cuddles and was allowed to stay in bed, not it has to be said with my Mistress as she has gone to the dentist. Maybe there is a link. Perhaps that’s why she thought I would like some teeth cleaning bars for my birthday, to save me having to have dental work done. Oh well, she perhaps has in mind giving me my main present later when she has a little more time.

My Mistress has started her Christmas shopping. She is depressed that all the magazines that arrive that she could order from by post she already seems to have bought all the good ideas out of and needs to do some thinking. Granny has been the easiest as she told my Mistress what she would like. Apart from Granny she has no idea what to buy for anyone, not even my Master. She does have an idea for my Master, but she needs to do some finding out without him realising what it’s all about, easier said than done. On top of which, what’s it worth for the dog not to blurt it out and give the secret away? If I don’t get a better birthday present by later today, I’m not above a little extortion. What’s the point in having all this knowledge if I’m not in a position to use it?