Friday 12th November 2010

I do not like wet and windy weather. It isn’t civilised. I don’t want my fur all windswept and bedraggled and I certainly don’t want to be going out in this weather to use the facilities! Until yesterday, when it was really miserable outside, my Mistress has been spending at least half an hour a day, at lunchtime, out in the garden. She has been working her way round doing the weeding and tidying everything up. She said she would do it whatever the weather. Yesterday I picked up her cagoule and said “I think you might be needing this.” She just looked at me. She has just read a book about the Antarctic explorers and came to the conclusion when it was drizzling the other day that if they could stand the privations that went with their expedition then a little bit of rain wasn’t going to stop her. On the other paw, it turns out that a big bit of rain was most certainly going to stop her. I just smiled and asked whether she could now take my request for an inside toilet a little more seriously. Sadly, I think she has convincingly won the argument. She has said if we can learn to use the toilets provided in the house, without missing, then we are welcome to use them instead. I ask you, how is a dog supposed to climb up on those? We need something more in the style of some French public toilets where you can squat over them, but that isn’t the norm in houses, certainly not in this country.

At least today there are no painters or builders here. However this afternoon my paternal grandparents will arrive, which is quite enough excitement for any dog. It will be the first time they meet Megan who is very excited about it. I hope they know what they are letting themselves in for with three dogs to contend with.