Thursday 11th November 2010

We’ve had a little discussion about where I would like to spend the day. I have a couple of choices. I can sit in Megan’s crate so I can be near everyone, or I can be shut upstairs in the bedroom with a comfortable bed to snuggle up in. It’s a tough choice but unsurprisingly I have gone for the bed. I know it means a lot of time with my own company but it is for my own good. Megan has reached that point of her season when I find her irresistible and in the interest of not having any more little accidents my Mistress has decided it is best to keep us apart. I know she’s right, but at times like these my hormones tell me something completely different and I just want to be wherever Megan is.

Today we also have the builders here again and the painter painting the outside doors. That of course affected my choice of location for the day. Did I want to be in a room that has an outside door and will therefore be cold or did I want to be in a cosy room upstairs? It wasn’t such a tough choice. The only problem is that I get out to eat the bird seed rather less often than I’m used to and I do feel just a wee bit peckish as a result. My poor Mistress is freezing, which isn’t the best situation to sit using a keyboard, either computer or musical. She needs some fingerless gloves. At least once the doors are done today that should be the end of having to have them left open for at least a year or two! My Mistress said it all needed to be done before both sets of grandparents come to stay over the next few days. My paternal ones arrive tomorrow and my maternal ones next Tuesday. Megan is very excited as she seems to get on particularly well with my maternal grandfather. Isn’t it funny how dogs bond strongly with different people.