Tuesday 9th November 2010

After a couple of beautiful days the weather forecast seems to be back to November doom and gloom. Maybe one month of the year was made as grey as this so we would appreciate all the others. My Mistress says it is her least favourite month, but looking on the bright side we haven’t had a whole load of fog yet. Rainy weather does mean we get less time outdoors, which is more of a problem for the girls who seem to have boundless energy than it is for me. Give me the comforts of a centrally heated home to enjoy any day.

At last I have had a taste of the Apple Butter that was being made on Sunday and I feel cheated. The word butter gave me completely the wrong impression. My Master has declared it to be glorified apple puree, actually to be fair he didn’t use the word glorified. I don’t think that is absolutely fair. That doesn’t account for the rather nice caramelisation that takes place because you cook it so long. The best bit is watching it as it bubbles. It sets up a very effective volcano effect and was in the process of erupting all over the kitchen at every new bubble that formed and came to the surface before my Mistress found a large lid to put over the jam pan. Anyway, if my Master doesn’t want to eat it then that is fine by me. I will willingly help my Mistress consume all ten jars of it. She rather like sit with maple syrup, but she won’t let me near the maple syrup jar. If I’m good, my Mistress is going to let me help making some candied peel later. It’s more just candied lemon rind as I don’t think we have any other fruit to use.