Monday 8th November 2010

We were expecting the painter today but now he’s coming on Wednesday. I think that means we have a relatively quiet day. My Mistress has told us we need to be good and behave because she needs to get the whole week’s work done by tomorrow afternoon. After that we have painters, builders and then my grandparents staying. She also has a lot of running around to do to take James to places as my Master is away. I said that if she would only let me drive her car I could do some of that for her. I hope in amongst all the bustle she hasn’t forgotten that it’s going to be my birthday. I do hope she had bought me some nice presents and maybe made me a birthday cake.

When my Mistress went by train to Birmingham on Saturday she was fascinated to observe her travelling companions. On the way there were a group of middle aged blokes behaving in a laddish manner. They had already started drinking before the train left York at 8.27 and she couldn’t help but liken their behaviour to the way the pack instinct seems to kick in with us dogs when we are together. On the way home it was a group of teenage girls on their way to Leeds for a night out and she rather sadly concluded that the same patterns of behaviour were once again prevalent. Ok so there was no barking going on or any biting each others legs, but there may as well have been. They were all boasting in one way or another, were much loader than is normally socially acceptable and totally oblivious to the people around them trying to have a polite and quiet train journey. Dogs aren’t so very different to humans. Once the superficial civilisation of humans is cast aside they aren’t so very nice underneath.