Wednesday 10th November 2010

Today is a very important day. I know I don’t mention her very often anymore, but that’s because I don’t see her, but today is Helen’s 18th birthday and that makes it a very important occasion. I would sing to her, but I’m not in very good voice today so I will have to leave the rest of the family to do it for me. Everyone is going out for a meal on Saturday to celebrate, but once again the dog stays at home. I think they are actually going somewhere that you can take a dog, but that’s the problem ‘a’ dog – there are three of us and then the arguments really start. I’ve known her longest so I should go. Shadow thinks she’s the most important so she should go, whereas Megan simply said she hadn’t met her at all yet and would like to, so she should go. And there we were, all three of us staying at home. I don’t actually think there was enough room for us in the car anyway.

The cold, wet weather has had an interesting effect on my Mistress. She has at last declared it to be too cold in the summerhouse to do her keyboard practice. She does have a little heater down there, but it has to be on for quite a long time before it actually starts to take the chill off the room. I’m sorry to say this has not made her to decide to give up for the winter. That would be my preferred choice as I am fed up of having to be her audience. She has instead brought the keyboard into the house. The worst of it is that now it is nearby she can find other odd times to practice and I have to sit and listen on more than one occasion in the day. I don’t know that she will improve any quicker. She doesn’t find it easy and is a slow learner at that sort of thing.