Friday 29th October 2010

My excitement knows no bounds. I’m famous. Whilst she was away without me, my Mistress used the end of my Master’s umbrella to write my web address in the sand. (I have added one of the resulting photos to my photos page). Just think of all those people who will have seen it that will now be flocking to read my diary. Now to be fair, my Mistress did explain it would only be there until the sea came and washed it away. She also explained that in October there are not that many people taking holidays by the seaside in England and she did say there was no mobile signal in the place she was staying and no chance to get an internet connection, but I’m not daunted by any of that. I am just thrilled to see my web address written in the sand.

It is quite an exciting day for other reasons too. My Mistress is taking me and Megan to see my grandparents. Shadow is staying at home to look after my Master and the boys and we get to have a trip with my Mistress. We are so relieved that neither of us were chosen to stay at home in charge. We would much rather be with my Mistress. I was dreading her announcing that it was going to be a ‘girls trip’ and taking Shadow and Megan, but I don’t know why I worried. For a start she wouldn’t go anywhere without me if she didn’t have to and secondly there needed to be at least one girl left at home to keep things under control. I love seeing my grandparents but having a trip just the three of us is going to be better than ever. You only have to hear the noise the boys are making to realise why I am so happy to be getting away.