Saturday 30th October 2010

Now much as I love coming to see my grandparents I am here under false pretences. I have to work while I’m here. Now that was not part of my original plan. It seems that my Mistress has to do some work on my grandparents’ computer and that means I have to help. “What about Megan?” was my response. However as yet, Megan has not learnt a great deal about computers and except for passing things to my Mistress when she needs them, Megan is not a great deal of help. I can be trusted to watch the little screen to tell my Mistress when each stage is complete and don’t feel the need to press all the buttons without being told to. I guess I’ve grown up and much as that might be boring there are times it does come in handy. (There should be an equivalent word to handy for when you have paws, but pawy doesn’t sound right.)

I’ve also heard that my paternal grandparents are coming to see me for my birthday and I think that is really very sweet of them. It isn’t every day you are six years old, it will be nice to have some extra company to celebrate with. Ina moment of bad planning, my Mistress had already arranged to go to the dentist that day, although she did dress it up as giving me the opportunity to have a lie in on my birthday. I think she’s missing the point. I wanted the lie in snuggled up to her. My Master has to go to try on his pantomime costume at some point that day too. I’m sure he is going to make a very successful King Rat. I just hope he doesn’t scare the audience too much, perhaps it’s as well that the three of us dogs aren’t allowed to got to see it. I don’t want to think of my Master as scary.