Thursday 28th October 2010

Home again and the big camping debate is raging. It all started a while ago when my Mistress said it would be a good opportunity for my Master to spend some quality time with the boys. For a start I looked horrified, but then I realised she was talking about the human boys and not me so I breathed a sigh of relief. When it was all suggested it seemed like a good idea to them. So far, one has said he doesn’t know if he is going and the other hasn’t really given it any thought. As yet, the equipment they need is still in the shops waiting to be bought and the only ones apart from my Master who are excited about the plan are Shadow, who frankly gets excited about absolutely nothing at all and my Mistress, who sees it as the opportunity for a little peace and quiet. As to whether the plan comes to a grinding halt before it even starts really does remain to be seen. If it does go ahead then my Mistress is taking Megan and me down to my grandparents’ house so that we can help them with some things they need to do on their computer. That is a plan I am much more excited about. I’m looking forward to passing on the family history stories to Megan about where my Mistress’s previous dog ran through the greenhouse glass and showing her the cartoon drawing of him digging in the garden. These stories are important to a dog. It makes me wonder what stores about me will be passed down through the generations.

I’m getting very excited as the month end approaches about looking at the readership figures for how many of you have read my diary this month. From what I have looked at so far I think it’s going to be our best month ever, so thank you all.