Friday 22nd October 2010

There is so much that could be said about the cuts the Government is making, but to be honest you have to ask the question what would you do in that position? Now I know that one of the reasons we are in this mess is because there are many people who when they run out of money still carry on spending, but as I dog I have never favoured that approach. At some point you have to pay for all the things that you have bought on credit.

How do you decide what should go ahead and what shouldn’t? You have to remember that everything in place is likely to be important to somebody, otherwise it wouldn’t be there in the first place. You can take the easy approach and take things away from those with the weakest voice, at least when they complain you don’t hear them. Alternatively, you can take more difficult decision and decide on a qualitative basis (I had to look that one up) what is of most value to society. Of course it is going to concern some people that you delay replacing a country’s defence system, but some would argue that that particular defence system wasn’t needed in the first place. Then you look at the levy being placed on the banks. Now I know this is a popular move and most people suffer at the hands of the banks now and again, but why single them out in particular. There are other businesses that make super-profits. Now I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. My point is that for every supporter of a change there will be another person who thinks it’s unfair. At the end of the day cuts are needed, unless you really think it is ok to live on debt until you are completely bankrupt.

I think we should take as the example the way that dogs live their lives. We live simple lives. We ask for very little except unconditional live and we give unconditional love whether or not we receive it. We do ask to be fed, but nothing special. I will concede that as part of the Pet Dogs’ Democratic Party I am asking for education, health and pension rights to be extended to dogs, but in many ways that just goes to prove my point. Each individual thinks that what matters to them is the most important and should never be cut. If only life were as simple as that.