Thursday 21st October 2010

We have the builders here doing the snagging six months after they handed it all over to us. It’s chaos. Everyone is trying to do everything at once. To describe my Mistress as frazzled would be putting it mildly. For a start we have my grandparents staying. Then you have to look at the fact that the floorboards in their bedroom are squeaking and the builders have had to take the carpet up and move all the furniture to get to them. That’s before you even begin to see how wound up Shadow is with all the comings and goings. My Mistress took one look at the bottle of calmer that she can add to Shadow’s food occasionally and wondered about just taking it herself and leaving the rest of us to it. The theory is that they will be finished by tomorrow. My Mistress suspects that the practice may be a little different.

Now I know people argue as to whether Facebook is a good or bad thing and I do understand some of the concerns that people have, but how else would my Mistress find herself back in touch with loads of people that she went to school with over thirty years ago? She had just heard from one of the girls that she was particularly friends with up to the age of thirteen, when they went to different schools. The internet can be a wonderful thing. It’s funny to think that when they last saw each other there simply wasn’t an internet to blog on. Now look at us. Completely addicted to the thing. On-line all sorts of hours of the day and night and sharing our lives with complete strangers as well s friends. My Mistress is even setting granny up with a web camera so they can have video calls to each other rather than just phone calls. I’m not sure that granny actually wants to be seen though.