Saturday 23rd October 2010

It’s funny the little things that can go wrong when the builders are here. One of the things they had to do was paint a patch on a wall where there had been a small water leak. When they finished the main work, six months ago, my Mistress checked to make sure that there was leftover paint in each of the colours. Where they had used all the paint she went to buy another tin. Anyway, they had finished the old tin of this particular paint so for the patch had to start the new tin. It wasn’t the same colour. Now they either have to find out which colour they actually used, instead of the one that had been specified or they will need to paint the whole of two walls so that the colour matches and all for a very small patch! I was of course on paw to offer helpful advice, but my suggestion that multicoloured walls were ‘in’ didn’t seem to help proceedings.

Having the keyboard in the summerhouse is all very well, but there is a clue as to the problem in the title ‘summerhouse’. These are buildings designed for warm weather. Going down the garden to find the temperature is just 8 degrees centigrade is not conducive to playing a musical instrument. She has taken a heater down there, but she really needs to put it on for half an hour before using the room and even then it isn’t all that effective. I think a certain amount of rethink may be called for. Then perhaps the installation of some insulation and a complete central heating system! I have offered to stay up in the main house while she’s down there, to keep an eye on things, but she seems to think I should be suffering with her.