Monday 18th October 2010

Shadow is really excited about seeing Rocky and Freddy. She can be an annoying dog at the best of times, but today she is positively insufferable. Megan and I are keeping out of her way and feeling sad that it isn’t our families coming to see us. Granny and Grandpa are coming tomorrow, so at least we have that to look forward to. Megan hasn’t actually met them yet, so I have been telling her all about them. I just know they are going to love her. It would be hard not to. Oh, I know we play fight in the garden quite a lot, but if you have to have a girl dog around she is definitely the sort you want to share your things with. I’m even happy to share my Mistress with her as she always asks so nicely before joining in the cuddles.

Alarmingly the night time temperature dropped to less than two degrees the other night. I have been discussing with my Mistress when exactly she is going to put the protective cloches over the fuchsias. Worryingly she doesn’t know. This gardening lark is all a bit new to her and she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. With that in mind she does seem to be doing accidentally really well. Having said that she still hasn’t planted the winter bulbs or half the plants she grew from seed. I think she only really enjoys gardening in the warm weather so we either need to emigrate or accept that things will only happen during part of the year.

My Mistress has been discussing with me the possibility of both Shadow and Megan coming into season at the same time and asking how we are going to cope. I looked a little crestfallen at the suggestion that it would be best to put me in the crate for a few days, but I can sort of see the point. I certainly don’t think I should be allowed out in the garden at the same time as them for my own good, never mind theirs.