Sunday 17th October 2010

There seem to be a very large number of you reading my diary at the moment. Welcome aboard. I do hope you are enjoying it. Maybe this is the point it could go viral (I read that term in a magazine and it doesn’t mean you are going to catch some dreadful disease – well not in this instance anyway!)

Megan smells. Now I am a dog and I am supposed to smell and my Mistress says she likes my smell, but I think Megan might have rolled in something that the rest of us haven’t found. She is going to be the first victim of our shower room. She doesn’t dislike water in the way that I do, so it might not be such an issue, but I am keeping well out of the way in case my Mistress gets any idea about us all going in. You would think it was spring as I even caught my Mistress taking the vacuum cleaner down to the summer house. She said we’d made quite a lot of mess and she was clearing up after us. I couldn’t see the problem, but apparently the chairs are supposed to be clean enough for humans to sit on without being covered in a layer of dog hair.

We are spending quite a lot of time in the summerhouse. My Mistress is really enjoying practising on the keyboard. She is also writing a song. You will be pleased to know we don’t have to listen when she’s singing it, although we could hear her in the shower the other day when she came up with the tune for the chorus and wanted to remember it until she could write it down! In fact her friend was staying at the time and she could hear from the next room. I think she has gone home emotionally scarred by the experience!