Tuesday 19th October 2010

I am in the dog house but then so is Megan, just for different things. Megan’s was a case of youthful exuberance. She knocked my Mistress off balance when she ran to answer the front door. That is Megan was running to answer the front door, my Mistress was standing in the kitchen. At least she was standing until Megan ran straight into the back of her knees making her buckle, swing round and hit her hip on the granite work surface. My Mistress was less than thrilled. However in comparison to me, Megan was let off lightly. I on the other paw disgraced myself. Shadow had had her brothers round and had a lovely time going for a walk and catching up with them. Megan and I were kept out of the way to give them some time together. Once they had gone I went to have a sniff round where they had been. I don’t know what came over me. It’s a boy thing –well a male dog thing at least. I might have had the urge to pee in several locations where they had been sitting. I might also have peed up the coffee table for good measure. Now to be fair I don’t normally go round doing things like this, but it is my territory and I didn’t want Shadow in any doubt of that. I didn’t want her going thinking that my position could be usurped that easily, just because they are entire males and I am a little less than that. I succeeded in making my point to Shadow, but it was at quite a high price and I can see that my behaviour might not be considered as acceptable in human circles.

Other than my little misdemeanour, the visit was a huge success and they have grown into lovely dogs. What was upsetting was to receive their news that next summer they will be leaving England to live abroad. So after we struggled to get our numbers up to 18, now we have one moving to Switzerland next month and two going to goodness knows where next summer. We will be back to only 15, which although better than we were is still not the progress we were hoping for. Establishing a breed was never going to be easy.