Tuesday 12th October 2010

My Mistress had a good look at the planes at the airport yesterday and concluded she might be ready to try flying again. I just hope she’s right. I know how much she wants to be able to travel and it isn’t good to feel there are things she wants to do but can’t. She is going to try going to Paris so that she could come back by train if it doesn’t work out. I asked if I could go as I haven’t seen Paris but after we’d talked about it for a while she convinced me that as I don’t like cities it probably isn’t a good idea.

Why do they make films so sad? We all sat and watched ‘The Last Song’ yesterday. I’d read the back of the pack and it sounded like a nice love story. Why didn’t they tell me that it was sad too? I wanted a happy story where everyone lives and is on big happy family. Yes, it was a very good film and yes I will watch it again but at least I shall have the box of tissues handy next time so that I don’t have to use my paw to wipe my eyes. The girls all enjoyed it, but I don’t think I did a good job of maintaining a manly appearance. I think it’s easier for dogs to get away with crying during sad films than it is the men of the house. I think there is much more pressure for them to keep up appearances, but fortunately they weren’t watching so I don’t know if they would have cried.

It’s all very well that my Mistress likes the colour purple, but it means she buys some odd things for no apparent reason. Why did she need a quill pen? It’s not even an ink pen, it’s a biro. It is now standing in the vase on her desk (which is purple) and which contains lavender (which is of course purple). She pointed out how well they all go together. I said there might be a reason for that!