Monday 11th October 2010

I didn’t tell you that this was the weekend we were spending in kennels as my Master and Mistress had gone away in my little car for the last time. Of course I was upset that it wasn’t me and my Mistress in MY car but that fell on deaf ears again. Instead I got to spend a weekend with two crazy women in the kennels. Here, I do mean Shadow and Megan. The women at the kennels are lovely. I did have to explain quite a few things though. When we eat, Megan has to be separate or she doesn’t get any food. When we play, it is only ok to let me and Megan out together if you don’t mind a lot of noise and two dogs forgetting themselves and refusing to come when called. The hardest bit for Megan was that my Mistress had taken out individual beds and she couldn’t get in with me in the night. It has to be the ones that will go through the washing machine and tumble dryer and my big bed is not so good for that.

We were all very pleased to see my Master when he collected us this morning. My Mistress had gone to collect her friend and we are waiting for her to come home now. I’ve told the girls that for the sake of my Mistress’s friend they should go easy on her when she first comes in. I was telling them about the time I chipped my Mistress’s tooth because I was so pleased to see her. They are both planning to greet my Mistress by asking her to open her mouth so they can see the result! I was trying to tell them as a warning, but they seem to think it is cool to have left a permanent mark on my Mistress and are now scheming as to what they can each do.