Wednesday 13th October 2010

It has only been recently that we have been given our toys back since Megan arrived. Now we have all found our levels within the pack we are much safer to play together. That is until we start a game of three way tug in the office when my Mistress is trying to get some peace and quiet. I do admit that three dogs growling at each other as they pull in different directions can make an awful lot of noise. I also admit we may not look where we are going and can knock everything in our paths over in the process. Our favourite rope is now sitting on my Mistress’s desk, although I don’t think she wants to keep it there as she says it smells.

It has been lovely having my Mistress’s friend here. She has taken on the role of dog stroker with great enthusiasm and to be honest I think we’d rather like her to stay a little longer. We do have other guests coming at the weekend, but my Mistress has already sat us down and explained that some of them are quite small and we aren’t to simply jump all over them. I think we may not all be allowed to play with them at the same time. We are fine when we are calm, but when we get excited even I can see it might be a bit much for people to deal with.

We have been talking about what we would all like to do at Christmas. You know how it is with these family discussions, everyone in the party has a different view of what everyone else should do. I said I wanted to wake up in my own bed on Christmas morning. Actually that isn’t strictly true. I want to wake up in my Mistress’s bed on Christmas morning but she may have a view on that. Megan asked if we could go to Switzerland for Christmas but I don’t think that will be possible. She wanted to go to see her mother, which is a lovely thought. I think she may have to wait until next year and make do with her English human and doggy family in the meantime.