Saturday 2nd October 2010

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dearest Megan, Happy birthday to you.

It is amazing to think that our little baby Megan is already one year old. Of course when she is jumping all over me, it is very easy to remember she is one year old. Birthday’s are very exciting times and we like doing things to celebrate. When I am asked what I want, I invariable opt for an extra long lie in with my Mistress. In Megan’s case, she has opted for a walk. She is that bit more energetic than I am.

Where do the weeks go, never mind the months?  One minute you are marvelling at what Santa Claus has brought you and the then you’re writing your list of things you’d like him to bring you next. Under normal circumstances my Mistress doesn’t start to prepare for Christmas until after my granddad’s birthday in November, but this year she has made a small exception. She has bought the Christmas crackers. She saw a set with a ‘racing penguin’ game in it and couldn’t resist. So we will be spending Christmas evening winding up little penguins and making them race. That is as long as she remembers she has them by then and doesn’t subject us once again to ‘pin the nose on Rudolph’.

The refurbishment of the pub is nearly complete and I have to say it really is looking very good. I particularly like the wood and stone floors, although obviously if I were allowed to go in I would prefer carpet to lie down on. I really wish I were allowed to go, but then My Mistress says if she could take us with her, she’d never have a reason to come home, but I think she was only joking.