Friday 1st October 2010

My Mistress went on a river boat trip in York last night. I haven’t seen her yet this morning so I don’t know whether she enjoyed it. It’s something she has wanted to do for ages. It was fundraising for charity and there was a dance. She was more interested in making some notes so that it can appear in her writing sometime. I hope she wasn’t really boring. She does have a habit of sitting in a corner and taking in her surroundings rather than taking part. I don’t mind because we can sit in corners together when I am out with her, but when she is out on her own and does that it does seem a little antisocial!.

She has been working very hard recently and has been rereading her first novel for any changes she can make to improve it before sending it straight to a publisher or self-publishing it. She has been reading all the dialogue out loud to make sure it sounds like natural speech. I must admit that we have been quite enjoying listening to her. We all sit round as though it’s story time. There are some very sad bits in it though and some of them did rather upset me.

It was funny when she was practising on her keyboard the other night. There she was, concentrating really hard on playing both hands of a piece that she is rather enjoying, when an earwig walked across the keys she was playing. I think it was trying to join in. She said it reminded her of the book ‘Archie and Mehitabel’ in which a cockroach called Archie types one key at a time and can’t do any punctuation. Although to be fair to the earwig, he could rest on two keys at once and wasn’t as repulsive as a cockroach would have been!