Sunday 3rd October 2010

I think I am right in saying that mine is the next family birthday. How did I get to be five years old so soon? That’s thirty-five in human years. At least it will be a little while before I have the privilege of being the oldest member of the household, but I think that my Master and I will hit one important milestone in age at round about the same time. I wonder if we should have a joint party. He wants to go on the footplate of a steam train for that particular birthday. I have no such hankering. They are much too dirty and noisy for me. I’d settle for a day snuggled up to my Mistress doing nothing. That’s my favourite sort of day.

My Mistress has reached the sad conclusion that next spring she will sell my little car. I protested but she pointed out that I didn’t actually drive it very often and looking after it is time consuming. She also runs the club for the owners of that particular car and doesn’t get as much help with that as she would like. She says that unless someone else comes forward with the time and energy to run it, then she is giving up. I can’t really complain it is partly so she has more time to run our club and that has to be a good thing. She could have said she would keep running the car club and stop running ours, but something tells me she might have realised she would have had three protesting dogs on her paws.

She is starting to plan for our Fun Day in April. She was saying how amazing it would be if all eighteen of us could attend, but I don’t suppose we will all be able to make it. I think if we did we should at the very least get our photograph in the local paper.