Saturday 25th September 2010

I do not like wet windy weather. On the plus side the bird seed is knocked out of the feeder, but why go out to get that when Megan has worked out how to get the bag of crusts down off the side and help herself before it even gets near the birds. I’m just glad she’s a sharing sort of dog. We can now get to the garden tools, but my Mistress isn’t quite so keen to do the gardening in the weather. I certainly am not offering to help! As far as I am concerned this is the time to gather up the sticks that the girls have left round the garden and use them to make a log fire, in the comfort of the lounge! It is about time we tried out our exciting new chimney cowl that ought to mean we don’t get smoked out.

My Mistress has gone to the dentist today and left us in charge of my Master. I think it was that way round! She is planning to have some complicated work done. I shuddered just listening to her explain, but she says the dentist is lovely and it isn’t like when she was younger and was really scared. ‘No,’ I said. ‘Now it’s like your older and you’re really scared.’ At least she saw the joke.

I was talking to Shadow about the tests she has just had done for breeding. I was trying to be reassuring and say that I knew what it felt like to be told you couldn’t have puppies and although obviously I hoped she was ok, I was here for her if she wasn’t. I don’t think she really understood what I was saying and just flounced off saying that all her direct ancestors had had puppies so she expected she would be fine. Now while she had a good point, all of mine had puppies too, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, but it didn’t mean that I could!