Sunday 26th September 2010

There was a story today about a cat being found dyed pink. It appears to be a prank, but what if the cat was an alley cat going through a punk phase? The first assumption is human cruelty and of course that does need to be tracked down and stamped out, but shouldn’t cats have the right to choose their hair colour? They are very independent creatures. You can just see them going through a rebellious teenage phase, telling their mother’s or their owners that they are going to get their ear pierced and their hair dyed. They certainly aren’t above a bit of fighting and I’m guessing some of them may want the tough image to go with it, although I can’t see a self-respecting tom cat choosing pink. I imagine they would go more for green or purple and a line of piercings through their ear and eyebrow. I’ve never had the urge to dye my own hair, but it might be a good idea for Shadow. Her brown bits aren’t the lovely chestnut colour of mine and Megan’s. They are more a pale brown and to be honest I don’t think that looks so good.

One thing that was funny at the quiz my Mistress went to on Friday night was that in one round they had a list of ten English words and had to put what the French, German and Spanish words for them were. There was a grid of forty possibilities of which thirty were the correct words and ten were a different language. My Mistress was very happy, because she was able to do all the ones in both French and German and only struggled with the Spanish. She came away feeling she might actually be learning something on the German language course she is doing. We’re all relieved to hear that, because the rest of the house have listened to the cds so much that even if she hasn’t learnt anything the rest of us are becoming fluent!