Friday 17th September 2010

We had an interesting discussion yesterday. Is something only true if you say it? If you think it but keep it to yourself does that stop it being true? It’s just one of those philosophical points that a dog thinks about from time to time. Maybe something becomes true as soon as you admit it to yourself, but if no one else knows about it, you still have the opportunity to vary the truth and create a new truth. This is what comes of having too much time on your paws. We got up early because James wanted his present yesterday before going to school and then later the girls were confined to their hutches while the electrician did the electrics for the summerhouse. So it was a long day with less play than normal. It left me with thinking time, which it seems is never a good thing for a dog.

Oddly the electrician also noticed that we appear to have a dead pigeon in our gutter. It’s an odd place to have a dead pigeon and not very easy to get it down. We don’t have a ladder that tall and my Mistress isn’t so good with going up them anyway. I shall talk to my Master this evening when he comes back from Germany and see if he has any suggestions of how to deal with a dead pigeon. It seems a funny place to have died. I wonder if it was flying somewhere and just fell out of the sky?

Shadow is at the vets today. She’s ok, but she’s having one of the tests she needs for breeding. This one is to make sure her hips are ok. I’ve been worrying about her a bit as I know she has to be sedated. Having said that there are times we’d quite like to sedate her at home, but that’s another story! It’s going to be fun having a day of just me and Megan. I’m hoping we can play nicely together without interruption.