Saturday 18th September 2010

Well my Mistress got quite a shock when she went to the vet’s with Shadow yesterday. Yes, Shadow is fine, but our vet said ‘I saw your house on television yesterday.’ Apparently there is a programme called Helicopter Heroes that show accidents that the air ambulance is called to and they had filmed when they came out to our builder falling off the roof. My Mistress came home and watched it on BBC iplayer – it’s Helicopter Heroes Episode 9 of Series 4 if you are interested, about 28 minutes into the programme. It’s the first time I’d seen what had happened, it was quite a shock. My Mistress has written to the BBC to see if they can give her a permanent copy of the programme. When she watched it again, she was shaking as though it had only just happened. At least she now knows that Stuart our builder is ok.

My Mistress has been racking her brains trying to remember who it was she told that next weekend was free – because she’s just remembered what she is supposed to be doing and she isn’t free. I’m sure she will find out eventually. Probably when she gets back from the dentist to find someone waiting on the doorstep annoyed because she wasn’t here!

As you know, I have a twitter account. One of the things I follow is Sky news. It has come to my attention that if you wanted to stalk the Pope on his visit to Britain you don’t need to do it in person. All you need to do is follow Sky on Twitter and they can do the stalking for you. They are reporting his every breath. His plane has taken off for x. His plane has landed at y. It must make it very easy for the criminals out there when they don’t have to do their own research.