Thursday 16th September 2010

I think my Mistress has spent way too long on the internet. Yesterday, she read the headline on Yahoo as ‘Britain prepares for Paypal visit’. Why would we prepare for a visit by an internet payment company? What it actually said was ‘Britain prepares for papal visit’. It seemed a bit more obvious once she’d read it properly!

I am delighted to announce that she can now (very badly and completely at the wrong speed and length of notes) play ‘Bye bye love’ with both hands on the keyboard at the same time. I have requested that she doesn’t start trying to sing along at the same time, but I think that would be a bit like patting your head at the same time as rubbing your stomach and would all be a bit much for her.

It’s funny seeing gaps between the branches where the leaves were. You get used to not being able to see the houses at the bottom of the garden. It’s nice. Then all of a sudden you start to remember there are other people around and you don’t feel quite so isolated. It’s good in some ways. They are nice people and it’s sometimes comforting to know they are there if you need them, but it’s nice to be able to pretend we are surrounded by woodland, even though we aren’t. It reminds me of where we used to live, which was all wooded.

Today is James’s birthday – so happy birthday James. We are spending our day getting his new notebook computer ready for him for when he comes home from school. When I say ‘we’ it is more my Mistress doing it and me asking questions. My paws are a bit big for the keyboard. It’s amazing all the things you have to do to prepare it. There are programmes to add and things to set up and files to copy across. It makes me tired just thinking about it.