Wednesday 15th September 2010

I’d forgotten how miserable autumn could be. It isn’t improved by the sight of russet and gold leaves at the moment. They all seem to be blowing off the trees still green. There used to be one road in Belgium that had a line of beech trees down it and at this time of year it was quite beautiful driving through them all. My Mistress used to go that way especially so she could look at them (she was concentrating on the driving –really)

We are very excited that the electrician is coming tomorrow to put a light into the summerhouse for us. At the moment my Mistress has to find time to practice on her keyboard whilst there is enough light to see the notes on the music score. She’s hoping that it will mean she can use it later in the day once she has light. I asked if we could have a little heater in there too. I’m not sure we’re going to be quite warm enough in the winter but she didn’t seem so certain about that. She thinks there might be one in the loft, but she has to go up and have a look. At the moment she has suggested we just all cuddle up in a pile to warm each other up.

Granny has sorted out some dates they can come to stay with us so that they can meet Megan. The first dates she suggested don’t work, because my Mistress will have to go to see Quinnie’s litter of puppies when they are born. I did say I’d look after Granny and Granddad while she’s gone, but she said they do like to see her too. I thought it was just us they were coming to see. I would like to be going to see Quinnie’s litter of course, but that won’t be possible. Quinnie won’t want me around that soon.