Sunday 12th September 2010

I can’t remember if I told you, but it turns out we aren’t eligible for the dog show in November. It’s a shame because the girls were looking forward to it and I was looking forward to a quiet weekend. I suppose there’ll be other times.

The weekend of gardening didn’t get very far yesterday. My Mistress took one look at the rain and said she thought she might do something indoors instead, which basically ruled out gardening as once you’ve watered the indoor plants there isn’t that much more you can do. Even then, I seem to remember my Mistress agreeing we would only have fourteen indoor plants when we moved in here. She disposed of a number of more straggly samples and gave others away. As she watered them, I went round and counted and I’ll swear I got to twenty. I challenged her and she explained that we had bought the two carnivorous plants and then others had been given to her as presents. At that rate it isn’t going to be long before we are back to the original twenty-eight. When I said that, she quietly led me outside to her little greenhouse and pointed to another half dozen. I wonder if my Master realises he’s been duped?

My Master and Mistress are going out for a drive in my little car later, so I’m sulking. What happened to the days when it was just me and my Mistress and we’d go to the Post Office in Belgium and I’d sit with the roof down, waving to passers by, while my Mistress went into the Post Office? Those were the days. Oh don’t get me wrong I do like having the others around. It’s just I don’t get my Mistress’s undivided attention anymore and that’s a shame.