Saturday 11th September 2010

My Mistress has got it into her head that she can upgrade her own pc. She has never done this before, but as she said ‘how hard can it be?’ I resisted the temptation to point out that with these paws it could be very hard and just shrugged. It’s something to do with RAM, although I thought that was a make sheep, but she says round here they are called Tups. So that was me told. Anyway, what she really wants is the very nice laptop with the purple case, but she can’t justify that. I think she’d trying to break the pc so that there is no choice in the matter, but that may be a very uncharitable thought on my part.

She can now play ‘Blowing in the wind’ with both the right hand and the left hand, just not at the same time! She is still very slow at changing chords and has some questions she needs to ask someone but feels stupid to ask as she presumes if you are musical they are obvious. She just isn’t musical. The three of us just fight over the best seat in the summerhouse when we have to sit and listen. I usually win that one, mainly because I take up position while the others are still running round the garden and haven’t thought about it.

We had a very funny moment earlier. My Mistress was trying to do the exercise DVD she has. She was holding a particularly difficult position (made difficult by being unfit rather than by complexity) and we all thought there was something wrong so we all went and strategically placed wet noses on her to check. It was when we were all shooed away that we began to understand she was fine.

The other progress today is that the willow has been removed from its packaging and is now in the bath soaking. It will be ok as long as no one wants a bath given that it will be there for the next four days!