Friday 10th September 2010

There we were thinking yesterday would be a day giving us chance to catch up and what do you know if the whole world didn’t seem to send emails requiring replies. It took all morning to get back to where we were when we first started. I think email is the human equivalent of a dog chasing his tail – you can go on for ever but never quite catch up with it.

My Mistress is making some progress on her keyboard and can now at least with her right hand play ‘Bye Bye Love’. She can do the left hand – just not at the same time as the right! She is at least making herself stick to practising and is still enjoying it. Her German study is coming on too. She’s started doing that when she’s cooking. She doesn’t seem to mind if the rest of the house can hear which is also a step forward. She might speak to someone who actually understands her soon!

My Master is away at the moment and I have to say we may be taking liberties with his side of the bed. When we went to bed we all snuggled up on the bed for a while. I did insist we went to our own beds after half and hour, mainly because Megan had secured a better spot than me. We got back in this morning though. I was lovely to have a really nice snuggle before the day started. It’s much better with only me and Megan in there. When there are three of us fighting to get close to my Mistress we all get told to get off. For a starts she doesn’t have enough arms.

We’ve been told we have to help tidy the garden this weekend. To be fair we may have been the ones to make a lot of the mess so it seems reasonable. I have offered to move the barrow round if the others will scoop everything up.