Wednesday 8th September 2010

We are into the realms of philosophy today. My Mistress was a bit depressed and started asking me about her writing. It followed a discussion where the suggestion was that you can’t be a Christian and write things that are apparently contrary to the Christian faith – such as murder. Quite a lot of what my Mistress writes could be taken as being inappropriate on that basis. I was very sympathetic but at the end of the day I don’t really know where the Christian faith stands on dogs. Oh, I know there are pet services every so often but I don’t think they are principally aimed at converting the pets. I think they are more a question of getting the owners to attend and having their pets there might get people to go who wouldn’t go normally. Our vet was talking at a local pet service last week. I might ask her who she aimed her talk at. It would be interesting to hear her views on Dogs and Christianity. I digress. The point being considered is what my Mistress writes. I suggested it might depend on whether she was simply writing a comment on human existence or condoning or encouraging the behaviour. I did however point out that writing about murder was certainly no worse than the rest of the family playing war games. You should hear the sound of machine gun fire coming from the sitting room!

My little car is poorly once again. The battery appears to be flat. However, when my Mistress set it up with the charger it started making odd flashing patterns with its lights and was seriously sulking about something. My Mistress thought the problem might be the charger, so she went to buy another one. That one appears to say the battery is full but it really isn’t. WE are now waiting for the nice little AA man to come to the rescue!