Thursday 9th September 2010

My Mistress is trying out contact lenses again. We are keeping our paws and tails carefully tucked away when lying down. She isn’t getting on that well at the moment and can’t see quite as clearly as she can with her glasses. To be fair, she stands on us when she’s wearing her glasses too so it isn’t just about the lenses. When she tried them the first day, she put them in without any problem but had great difficulty taking them out again. In the end she had rather sore eyes, so she is hoping that she will get better with practice. The ones she is trying aren’t 100% right for he eyes, so I think she is feeling a bit frustrated. She tried explaining what was not right and it’s all to do with the shape of her eyes. What did make me laugh was that she has decided to go to bed a bit earlier as she can now see the bags underneath her eyes and she isn’t happy about that. She should nap during the day like the rest of us. It does wonders for how you are feeling.

She is still trying to find out whether we are eligible to enter the dog show she has details of in Scotland. It’s all a bit confusing. The programme definitely says we can, but it also says that only dogs who have something called an interim breed standard can enter. As far as we know, we don’t have one of those. We think we have to have at least 20 dogs like us in this country before the Kennel Club will consider issuing one for us and we’ve only got 13. What is funny is that so far, no one at the Kennel Club can actually tell my Mistress whether under their rules we are eligible or not.