Tuesday 7th September 2010

Well the weather definitely feels like autumn and the leaves are falling everywhere. It gives something for Shadow to chase and makes her look less stupid than when she’s chasing nothing. I think we might need some heating in the log cabin though. Or at the very least a duvet. It would have to be a king sized duvet so that we could all get under it. While we are on the subject I’d like to put a bid in for some curtains and a bed too. I suppose it will take a time to get it the way I want it. There is one tiny design flaw. We have lovely window boxes at each window and have ordered some bulbs to plant in them. However, the way the windows open if you have any plants and then open the window it would decapitate them all. My Mistress said she would look at whether any changes can be made, but I’m not optimistic.

We have also been trying out my Mistress’s new music keyboard. She is loving it. She is only on the basics at the moment but is already thinking about buying a stand for it so that we can have that in the summerhouse. I asked if we could take her drum down there too and I would play on that to accompany her. Shadow has offered to howl and Megan to throw in the odd bark. Between us we’ll need to soundproof the summerhouse. We are still learning German too. It’s very good to be developing the mind of a dog like this. I suppose I don’t count as an old dog just yet, but I’m certainly not above learning new tricks. It’s very good to keep the mind active. It helps to keep us out of mischief.