Sunday 5th September 2010

Megan was supposed to be sleeping in Andy’s room but she cried. I think it would be better for Andy to spend some more time with her first. He has to remember she is still a small child herself and is probably still missing her mum. Anyway, she came back in with me and my Mistress and was much happier. I think she was worried to miss out on out late night piece of apple. I took extra care of her and tucked her into bed to make sure she was feeling ok.

We were faced with the first dilemma of can you get five people and three dogs in the car at the same time yesterday. This is why my Mistress has been thinking about changing cars, as the truth of the matter is you really can’t do that very easily. We can all sit in the boot, but my Mistress isn’t really happy that we aren’t in protective cages and can’t have our seat belts on. I promised to sit still but it wasn’t just me she was worried about and Shadow does insist on trying to work her way to the front of the car. In the end we didn’t do that. For a start I offered to stay at home. Then James said he didn’t want to come and then Andrew and then my Master, so it moved from my chivalry to an outing of the girls. I did think about being an honorary girl and going with them, but I was worried the other boys would laugh at me. At least being a fine day meant I could have free run of the garden while they were out and no one to annoy me while I mooched about. Shadow actually went for me yesterday. She said I was siding with Megan too much and she wanted to teach me a lesson. She found herself shut in the house as punishment so I’m not really sure who was taught the lesson in the long run!