Saturday 4th September 2010

We have another of my Mistress’s friends staying for the weekend. She has her dog with her but he has had to stay at the local kennels. My Mistress said she wasn’t ready to add another one to the mix with Megan having been here for less than three weeks. We were all quite grateful really. It does seem sad though.

Apparently there is a dogs show coming up that actually has classes for Entlebuchers. It’s in Edinburgh. My Mistress asked if any of us want to go and of course we all jumped up and down and said we’d like to. She said if they do go, then two f the three of us can go but not all of us. Apparently most hotels allow a maximum of two dogs if they allow any at all. We all looked at each other. It seems we have to make the decision, which I think is most unfair. We could have two of us stay here and one go, or we could have one here and two go. I think it may depend on whether my Master goes as well or whether it will mean kennels. Quietly I realise I had probably better be the one to say I will stay at home. Given that I am not ‘entire’ there could be problems. My Mistress does have a letter from my old vet in Belgium to explain it was for health reasons, but I don’t know whether that would be enough. The big problem is that I like to be where my Mistress is. I don’t really want to be left behind. What I would really like is for it to be me and Megan who go and Shadow who stays here, but I don’t suppose we will end up with that combination.

My Mistress has been busy making the summerhouse into our den. It’s great. She has put the carpet down, although this time she has simply put it on the floor and hasn’t cut it to size. Then there are the odd bits of furniture – and when I say ‘odd’ I mean that term in every sense of the word. Nothing matches. Well that’s not exactly true – the foot stool does match the chair and they are the same wood as the coffee table but then there is a purple deck chair and a book-cover deck chair and an office chair – just no desk yet.