Friday 3rd September 2010

And relax! The summerhouse is now approved and my Mistress can start to enjoy it. We are putting carpet down today and hopefully ringing the electrician to have a light put in. It’s so exciting. She has a keyboard that she had with birthday money and is planning to go down there to practice. At those points I will be back in the house with my paws over my ears. Other than that it is very exciting. We have to assemble the spare bits of furniture and take the deckchairs down there. At least we have a little nice weather to enjoy it too. What I don’t know is how my Mistress plans to secure the carpet. She doesn’t have any carpet strips. I presume she could go to the DIY and buy some. I’m not sure how carefully she is planning to do it. She did quite a good job of carpeting the office store and has a very sharp Stanley knife that came in handy to cut to all the right shapes. We have looked forward to this for so long. Sadly she has a lot of work to do right now so has said we can’t spend all the time working on the summerhouse.

We are now making some steady progress on editing our second book. The only problem is that my Mistress did have a nightmare that someone was trying to kill her and she had to go on the run. It was all very funny, at least when she explained it to me. It’s a bit hard to go on the run with three dogs. In her dream they were packing, throwing things in suitcases in order to get out the door quickly. It did all sound rather alarming. I would just want to take my favourite bed and of course some food.