Thursday 2nd September 2010

We don’t want to count our puppies before they are born, to adapt an expression, but it seems that our friend Quinnie is pregnant and there are going to be a litter of Entlebucher puppies born in just a few weeks. It is so exciting. When there are only 13 of you in the country, the prospect of a few more is really very exciting. My Mistress will get to see the puppies when they are only a day to two old, but we’ll no doubt have to wait until they are a bit older. Hopefully they will all go to homes that will come and join us on our fun days so that we can all get to play with them.

My Mistress spent some time talking to the local council yesterday to explain she didn’t mean to have a summerhouse in the garden without their permission. The funny thing is that other people she has spoken to in the village didn’t even know they are supposed to have permission and most of them do have some sort of garden building. I think my Mistress is just too concerned about doing things properly. Oh well, I suppose it has its compensations.

The great thing is that the weather has improved and we can all be outside more. It’s been fun having a run round and Shadow and Megan have made up. They are now in league pulling branches off the pile that is supposed to be cut up and taken to the tip. In fact, they are now all round the garden. It looks like we have had really bad gale force winds and they have all blown down. I was above that and simply sat and supervised their activities. I asked if we could sit in the summerhouse yet, but my Mistress says she wants to wait for the letter from the council that says it’s ok. I might just wait until she’s out and then go and sit there.