Wednesday 1st September 2010

My Mistress is looking a little green around the gills – she is not a happy bunny. The summerhouse was put on hold as she had to ask permission from the council before putting it up. Or at least that is what was supposed to happen. She had been down to the village yesterday when the men arrived to erect the summerhouse. I did try to call her but there is no signal in the village and I couldn’t get through. I just didn’t know what to do. I barked a bit but the door was locked so I couldn’t go out to see them. By the time my Mistress came home it was nearly finished. Now she is desperately hoping that a nice letter arrives from the council in the next day or two so that she can relax and stop worrying. She has spoken to the summerhouse people and they were very nice and said if there is a problem they will come and take it down. I do have to say, it is a beautiful summerhouse and I really am looking forward to writing to you from it, but my Mistress has made me promise that I won’t use it until we get the permission. I’ve even had to promise not to pee up it to mark it out as my own. She likes it very much but now is worried sick in case there is a problem. She really didn’t mean to get anything the wrong way round, but no one is going to believe that now!

Shadow and Megan are not being quite so nice to each other at the minute. Megan tried to mount Shadow and Shadow was less than impressed. Now everything is a bit sombre as they try to find an acceptable working relationship. I said to Shadow, ‘You were like that once and just as annoying,’ but at that point she went off to sulk and told me I was really mean. I know what she was like. I had to live with her.