Tuesday 31st August 2010

Well now my Mistress has got past dressing up in fancy dress, life begins to return to normal. School starts again on Thursday and we are into the ‘School uniform doesn’t fit’ phase of the summer. A frantic trip to the shops is called for and fortunately my help is not required. I think there’s a rugby shirt required and I really don’t think I could model one of those. Although having said that, the three of us dogs have developed our own version of rugby. It’s a sort of two on one version of the game. Megan is very good. She charges off carrying something and we have to try to catch her. She isn’t any faster than we are, but she is better at cornering, something that I have never completely mastered. Anyway, she has also learnt and has a natural talent for selling a dummy and it is confusing both me and Shadow in a quite remarkable way. At this rate neither of us stand an earthly chance of bringing her down and making off with the prize. The prize can vary from a ball to a stick, a twig or anything else that we can find. It’s great fun. Simple entertainment is always the best. We are developing our three way tug skills too, although my Mistress is a bit concerned that we make too much noise when we play that.

My Master has gone to Belgium so I have asked if he will send my love to my homeland. I had a bit of a pang when he said where he was going. It has made me start to ask my Mistress when we can go, but isn’t really sure at the moment. She is wondering about October as my Master is thinking of taking the boys camping.