Monday 30th August 2010

I forgot to tell you that they all went to the Maize Maze near here. It sounds as though they all had a great time and didn’t really get lost in it at all. They did find lots of other people lost and had to provide directions to quite a number on how to get out. My Mistress said she simply applied the same principles that she uses when doing a Harry Potter game on the Playstation. It’s very important to make sure you go down every avenue to collect all the Witches and Wizards cards, so you have to have a system. She just builds a map in her head and works on the principle always go left or always go right – as long as you are consistent it isn’t a problem.

The other thing I don’t think I told you is that we have had a bit of a disaster on the willow weaving front. My Mistress is now the proud owner of some bundles of willow which need to be soaked before she starts weaving with them. However, in carrying them into the house she had a very bad allergic reaction to them and now doesn’t know if it is the willow she is allergic to or the packaging. She is hoping it is only the packaging and my Master has been tasked with unwrapping them so that she can find out. She just needs to find somewhere to stand it that it isn’t going to get chewed by a dog! Of course I wouldn’t do a thing like that, but you know what the girls are like!

This new phone is meaning my Mistress is listening to a lot more music. She has downloaded most of her music library to it, which is all well and good when she plays the stuff I like, but when she plays the more obscure tracks I really want to put my paws firmly over my ears. I’m just glad that when she’s working she likes peace and quiet. How would I ever write this if she had music playing?