Thursday 26th August 2010

Well we now have my Mistress’s friend to play with as well and it is wonderful. We all got a bit overexcited when she arrived but soon calmed down. Now they are both working while I write this and Shadow and Megan are curled up on the settee next to each other. I can’t believe how well they are getting on.

My Master is supposed to be going to the fancy dress on Sunday dressed as Batman. The whole costume this has been a bit like the story of Goldilocks. Firstly the outfit that came was too big. He could barely move his arms because of the rather bulky chest piece. Then the one that came to replace it was too small. He couldn’t sit down and to be fair couldn’t actually breathe either! Now we are waiting for the third outfit to arrive and are hoping that it will be just right. It really is quite fun seeing lots of people walking through the village wearing fancy dress. I like our village it has a sense of humour.

We have been invited to attend the Discover Dogs event in London again this year. It reminded me that it is nearly a year since both Shadow and I had kennel cough and had to be quarantined while my Mistress and Master went without us and sat on a stand talking about the dogs but not actually being able to show them. It was funny having them as the exhibits instead of us. Some of the other dogs went but there were a number of hours when it was just my Master and Mistress. They have decided not to go this year, but to attend the one in Birmingham in the spring. Now they just have to decide where we are going to stay when we go to that one so that we can all attend.