Friday 27th August 2010

The height of summer and you’d never guess – we seem to have moved straight into autumn, with the good thing being the twigs coming down off the trees do give us things to run around chasing and chewing. Most of our toys have been confiscated at the moment as we need to find a level before we all get too boisterous. It’s all very well but I’m missing my games of tug. My Mistress has said if we are good she might let us have some of them back this weekend.

My Mistress has begun her preparations for the Fancy Dress party and is now applying fake tan in earnest. She’s quite determined to look the part, but I’ll bet the original Xena didn’t have streaky bits on the back of her ankles! Other than that I think my Mistress is planning to spend a quiet weekend sleeping – to make up for the fact that we keep getting her up at 4am. To be fair it has been 4.50 am most morning but it has never been any later than 5.30am. She does go back to bed after we’ve all been out but it’s never easy to get back to sleep once you are wide awake. She is seriously thinking of simply going to bed at 8pm and giving in to it. The original idea was to get us to adjust to her time keeping but that isn’t going quite as well as she had hoped. It’s a good job my master is a heavy sleeper!

I am a little put out. My Mistress’s friend was very keen on me and had offered to take me home with her. Now she seems to think she wants to take Megan home instead of me. You can’t be that fickle with a dog’s emotions. Doesn’t she know how upset it makes me? At least My Mistress still loves me just as much, although she is giving Megan a lot of attention too.