Wednesday 25th August 2010

I had a bit of a rough and tumble with Megan yesterday, until she hurt me and I let out an ear splitting shriek. I thought at the very least she had maimed me for life, but after my Mistress came running and gave me a bit comforting cuddle it turned out there wasn’t a mark on me. She hadn’t even drawn blood. Now I know I have been accused of being a wimp before, but she did really hurt me. We all managed to stay in bed until 5.30am, which was at least something. The problem we have is that I get up about then to get into bed with my Mistress. Megan hasn’t yet learnt that she is supposed to stay asleep at that point. She takes it as her cue to get up. This has two results. Firstly I miss my morning cuddle and secondly my Mistress is having to get up very early. Neither of which is going down well.

Megan has entered the world of dog chews. She hadn’t had one before, but after she chewed the TV remote control yesterday my Mistress thought it was perhaps time for her to try. It was only after Shadow chewed some off hers that Megan began to get the hang of what to do and then to my surprise, Shadow who has always taken chews away from me, was happy to share her chew with Megan and didn’t complain at all. I can’t believe how well they are getting on. I think I may need a boy dog to keep me company! I suppose when they are playing together I still have my Mistress and that is good enough for me. Megan now has her own crate like Shadow’s. She hasn’t tried it yet, except to have a look and she says it is fine. At least it means I will be let off puppy supervision duties when my Mistress has to go out without us.